Quality Control
Quality Control

1. Comprehensive Competitiveness
One of the most dynamic and fastest growing companies in PV industry Established in 2002, determined growth from satisfying the customers, Risen Energy successfully launched IPO in Shenzhen Stock Market 2010. In 2011, Risen Energy sets up HK and German subsidiaries to deliver best value to customers.

2. Financial Support
Flexible Payment Terms As a listed company, Risen Energy has good credit records with strong financial fund. As long as the payment can be insured, our financial capacity can offer you flexibility in terms of payment.
3. Bankability
Risen Energy is easily bankable in Europe. Unicredit- Italy DZ bank-Germany Umwelt-Germany Kreissparkasse Grafschaft Diepholz-Germany Volksbank Dammer Berge eG-Germany

4. Industry Cycle
Apart from modules, Risen has other products, such as small modules, off-grid PV systems, solar lamps and others, where the defective cells can be used, which ensure that cells for standard solar modules are all A of A grades. We use all our materials to make our globe less and less carbon.

5. Industry Chain
With the company vision of green energy driving to create human new life, Risen Energy puts great emphasis on company culture. Human is the 1st factor leading to our successful achievements. Through running a public company, Risen Energy teams up 3000 employees’ hearts together to deliver clean energy to the planet and improve the quality of life sustainably.

6. Great Service
Our Sales and support service with technical consulting will customized our solar products to please our clients well. With 120% enthusiasm and all warehouses all around the world, we provide not only products but also satisfactions.